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CSR: When Tech Meets Social Good

Bnevol is passionate about creating clear, measurable, and direct impact in the world. Our current focus is using our position to help elevate the greater needs of Africa, with a focus on refugee populations. And we are doing just that. Here's a quick breakdown on what and how we're doing to uphold that commitment.


Bnevol's Partnership With AReL

AReL (Actiona for Refugee Life) is a refugee-led social impact organization founded in 2022 in Kakuma refugee camp, striving to build a sustainable and self-reliant future for the refugee community.

In 2023, Bnevol partnered with AReL to provide comprehensive support to amplify its mission and empower the execution of its numerous endeavors. Learn moe about Bnevol's partnership in our blog post here.

Dismantling Barriers and Empowering Refugees with Tools for Growth

While the absence of appropriate infrastructure hampers skill development and creates a cascade of missed opportunities throughout Africa, more than merely addressing these barriers is needed, especially in refugee communities. Beyond acquiring knowledge, countless talents remain underutilized, primarily due to systemic hindrances and untapped potential. As a first step, it is certainly essential to identify these failed systems that impede economic progress within communities and throughout Africa. More importantly, it involves actively equipping refugees with the necessary tools and resources. By doing so, we're not just mending a skills chasm but also embarking on a transformative journey that rekindles aspirations, nurtures creativity, and fortifies paths toward self-reliance and broader societal progress.

What (Specifically) Has Bnevol Donated - And Continues to Donate?

Bnevol has provided AReL's students with a comprehensive set of technical resources: server resources, dedicated cPanel accounts for each student, and dedicated subdomains. Let's delve into each resource and how it empowers students. 

Server Resources

While low-cost shared server environments provided by many hosting companies seem attractive, they come with significant performance restrictions. These limitations are exposed when deployed to more expansive setups like campus or university scenarios. Bnevol's contribution of high-capacity servers ensures that AReL's students have a reliable, scalable, and unhindered digital platform to fuel their aspirations. AReL training courses are delivered onsite within the Kakuma refugee camp, with two new classrooms recently constructed to scale the training courses' delivery. It is nothing short of a burgeoning campus, with power, electricity, and internet coming at a hefty cost. The donation of Adequate server resources that can scale with the growth of the campus is vital to AReL's strategic mission to serve the refugee community.

Dedicated cPanel Accounts

With cPanel, students can master the nuances of server administration. This widely used platform offers the ability to manage databases, handle files and directories, control FTP access, modify DNS settings, and more. Students can engage in real-world tasks by having their own dedicated cPanel accounts while becoming proficient in a tool central to their field. cPanel requires licenses typically provided through hosting companies. The costs associated with these licenses can be prohibitive in a more extensive setup like a university or campus. Bnevol's offering of dedicated cPanel accounts ensures that students have this essential tool at their fingertips without the organization bearing the brunt of the associated costs.

Dedicated Subdomains

The power of a dedicated subdomain for each student is multi-fold:

  • Unique Online Presence: Building an individualized digital identity allows students to carve their niche in the expansive digital landscape.
  • Staging Environments: Students can set up dedicated spaces to apply what they learn and experiment with new skills, ensuring their training is both theoretical and practical.
  • Public-Facing Portfolio: These subdomains give students a platform to showcase their accomplishments and projects, making them more visible to potential employers and bridging the gap between learning and employment.

Knowledge-on-Demand and Executive Leadership

Changing world is ambitious, so it's no surprise that there is a tremendous undertaking in the numerous endeavors required to bring about the desired change an organization seeks. As such, two essential ingredient tare quested to manage this effort successfully.

  1. You need a dedicated PMO to lead, manager, and oversee the management of all project endeavors. And
  2. A robust and sophisticated Project Management software environment to orchestrate and entire effort. Bnevol has partnered with AReL to contribute to both needs.

Zehn, the Founder of Bnevol, LLC donates his role as Consultant and Director of Project Management to AReL, leading a team of African Project Managers who each responsible for dedicated projects endeavors throughout the organization. Zehn serves in PMO role to guide and mentor AReLs PM throughout the organizations growth and maturity.

Software Subscriptions

Bnevol sponsors a multi-seat project management software subscription that allows AReL to manage human resource allocation and workloads, build out WBS, schedule of work, roadmap initiatives, and monitor and control all project endeavors.


Empowering Futures And Creating Access: The Convergence of Tech and Hope

Reflecting on this partnership and its broader implications, we must recognize that Africa's tech potential remains untapped. Despite the surge in innovations and the rise of formidable African tech leaders, the continent's brilliance often goes unnoticed or underutilized. By creating platforms and opportunities like these, we're uplifting individuals and echoing a message to the world about Africa's boundless potential.

Join AReL here by visiting their partners' page to discover ways to remove barriers and create access for others.

About AReL:

AReL (Actiona for Refugee Life) is a refugee-led social impact organization founded in 2022 in Kakuma refugee camp, striving to build a sustainable and self-reliant future for the refugee community.

AReL provides the necessary tools, resources, and support to refugees at the individual, household, and community levels to capacitate them to achieve economic and social self-sufficiency. This will enable them to meet essential needs sustainably and dignifiedly.

Action for Refugee Life (AReL) offers a range of on-campus digital training courses that focus on skill enhancement, job market readiness, mentorship, postgraduation support, and entrepreneurship assistance. The organization's comprehensive program guides students from enrollment to job placement. This includes diverse digital and technical courses tailored to market demands, thorough orientation, practical training enriched by a global industry-focused professional network, and simulated real-world scenarios. The organization supports graduates transitioning into the workplace, offering assistance through designated ambassadors. Moreover, AReL fosters self-sufficiency by promoting entrepreneurial endeavors within the refugee community.

Learn more about AReL on their website at