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Free AI Content Brief Template

Transform your thought leadership and perspective into powerful content while maintaining your unique voice.

An ethicalresponsible, and effective way to use AI to improve your content production process.

How It Works


Fill in the content brief template


Submit the content brief to the AI bot


Receive your generated content

Included In The Template

Prebuilt Prompts

Skillfully engineered, tested, and proven prompts that produce the best results from the AI agent are already built into the template. Nothing for you to figure out or learn.

Built-in SEO

Over 20 years of SEO expertise is built right into the template to ensure the generated content is optimized for discoverability and search engine performance.

Expert Guidelines

Our combined knowledge of AI, content creation, and digital marketing is provided throughout the template to help guide your editorial process to produce your best work.

Maintain Your Voice While Using AI ethically, responsibly, and effectively.

There are no shortcuts to crafting high-quality content representing your knowledge and work effort. Some will use AI to create volumes of low-grade content. But if you want to use AI in a responsible and ethical manner, our AI Content Brief Template is an aid that guides you through the process of producing your best work.

The end result is content that proudly reflects...

  • Your domain knowledge

  • Your subject matter expertise

  • Your perspective

  • Your thought leadership

Key Benefits

  • Trained Writers and professionals can embrace their inner Editor by spending more time setting editorial direction, fine-tuning, and crafting polished articles with reduced stress.

  • Non-trained Writers and Editors can now easily assume an Editor role as the template guides users step by step through the process of creating high-quality content, just like well-trained professionals.

Who Is This For?

Whether you're a writer, a thought leader, or a mission-focused organization, thoughtful use of AI can assist you in your content creation process, reduce burden and stress, and allow you to focus on refining your content. Almost anyone can benefit by adding this template to their process, including...

  • Writers

  • Editors

  • Thought Leaders

  • Website Owners

  • Professionals

  • Influencers

  • Creators

  • SMBs

  • Enterprises

  • Social Enterprises

  • Nonprofits

  • And More...

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